CRM Roadmap Service

Need an update on your current CRM system to better meet your business needs? Considering implementing a new CRM?

Customer relationship management

Our consultants and customized Roadmap service can help you identify your current operational needs and incorporate the most efficient CRM for real-time data management.

CRM Implementation Service

Let Pneuma Software help you discover your business needs, address them with a customized structure in CRM, and deploy the new system in your business environment.

CRM implementation service team

Customer Service

Your customer service team will benefit from being able to share and track customers from the CRM of the sales team. Having access to customer activities and history will help you better identify customer issues regarding your products and service, hence improve customer satisfaction of your brand.

CRM Adoption and Change Management

Slow user adoption has been shown to be one of the top issues of CRM implementation

We will work with you to understand the purpose of each implementation, people involved in the process, the reporting format, and how to give training for each implementation. Our experienced team offers consulting services on B2B or B2C business, and will provide you a customized framework that best suit your business needs.

CRM service


Our CRM experience in sales, marketing, and services will help you better utilize customer profile, streamline business operation, segment data for more effective marketing campaign, and better customer service quality.

Data Migrations

For CRM to work properly, it is very important to migrate existing data to the new system. With Pneuma Software, data is analyzed and properly restructured to fit your business functions.

CRM Integrations

The CRM must be integrated with other systems to work efficiently and properly. We are well experienced in system integrations, providing you the most sustainable integration technology.

Cowork with your IT team or vendors for the integration is also available.

With careful delivery of each project, Pneuma Software provides the power-boost for your business software solution needs.

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