CRM Roadmap Service

Do you already have a CRM system deployed or are you considering implementing a new CRM?
What kind of functions you need to implement to resolve your business needs?
How to utilize CRM and make it fit what I need?
What is the normal practice in my industry/business?

Customer relationship management

Based on our experience, we can help you answer your questions in mind and help you develop a roadmap through your implementation and customization. We will help you discover your current operation flow and suggest how to incorporate CRM to make your process more efficient, make your management get status, numbers in a real time manner.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a lower-priced alternative among the popular CRM tools, which is perfect for firms who already use a large number of Microsoft products. It integrates natively with such commonly use applications as Outlook, Word, and Excel and has a user interface that is instantly recognizable.

Dynamics 365

On November 1st, 2016, Microsoft announced the release of Dynamics 365. This new platform aims to provide users with a seamless experience across each of Dynamics’ applications, allowing users to quickly jump from one application to another within the same session and further unifying CRM and ERP capabilities.

Along with the new naming of the products and unification of Microsoft’s CRM, ERP, and Office suites, the release of Dynamics 365 includes other new features.

CRM Implementation Service

Let Pneuma Software deploy you CRM system, and make your big plans come true!

We could help you through the discovery of your need and translate to the structure in CRM, and finally deploy in your CRM environment.

CRM implementation service team

Customer Service

Customer Service teams will benefit a lot when sharing and tracking existing Customers from the CRM that Sales teams are working on. They will be able to access all customers activities and history, so you could identify your customers questions or challenges toward your products and service, furtherly improve customer satisfactory of your brand.

CRM Adoption and Change Management

The number shows that the main failure of CRM implementation is on the slow user adoption.

We’re a team that will get to know your purpose of each implementation, people who will be involve in this process, how will the report be presented, and how to give training for each implementation. Based on our experience with different customers, we’re able to give consultant service on B2B or B2C business and incorporate your business nature to provide you framework that suit you best.

CRM service

Sales & Marketing

We provide you our experience doing Sales & Marketing with CRM. Your team will be able to have instant information about your customer’s profile and preference, and furthermore segment your customers to do target sales.

Data Migrations

We know to have CRM working properly, it’s very important to migrate existing data to it. Our consultant will do the migration evaluation based on your framework design, and provide method to resolve duplicate issues.

CRM Integrations

To have CRM working efficiently and properly, there must be other systems to integrate with. We’re a team that had handled all kinds of system integration and we will provide suggestions what kind of integrations are required based on its business needs. We also can cowork with your IT team or vendors to make the integration possible and having the following technologies/skillset ready to fasten your system integrations:

  • Airflow
  • Python
  • MuleSoft
  • Microsoft .NET

With careful delivery of each project, Pneuma Software is your most reassuring choice.

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