Cloud Infrastructure Design Service

Build a cloud infrastructure to meet the requirements of your organization through AWS (Amanzon Web Services) or Microsoft Azure.

Cloud infrastructure illustration

Cloud Infrastructure Design

We understand the complexities of cloud infrastructure, and use a holistic approach to avoid common pitfalls, while taking into consideration the existing investments and architectural approaches.

Here are the five key areas we consider for your cloud computing needs:

  • How would you use a public, private, and hybrid cloud service?
  • How do you manage cloud operation cost over time?
  • What levels of service do you plan to achieve?
  • What are the rules, regulations, security compliance imposed?
  • How do you plan to control the data flowing in and out of your company?
Cloud infrastructure design

Cloud Network Design

Cloud network models

On-demand for cloud requires integrated protection, the capability to adapt virtual networking to the data center, and the ability to add virtual appliances.

One of the most critical issues to consider while building a private cloud is to make sure that the networking infrastructure can be provided.

  • Security, high performance, high availability and resiliency
  • These prerequisites must be met not only in the virtual layer, but also in the physical layer where the switches and routers are connected.

Cloud Deployment Models

A private cloud combines the characteristics of public cloud computing, (including self-service, resource pooling, elasticity and metered services transferred in a standardized method with the extra control) and customization available from dedicated resources.

The main difference between a private and public cloud is that a public cloud provides resources to everyone, while the private cloud hosts resources for a single organization.

A single organization may have multiple business units and different divisions. In this case, the private cloud can also contain many of the security and isolation information of the public cloud.

Cloud deployment models

With careful delivery of each project, Pneuma Software provides the power-boost for your business software solution needs.

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