Activities & Events

In addition to our professional work, we also like to celebrate holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, successful project completions, and sometimes just reconnecting with one another outside of the office. Occasionally, we travel abroad to work on-site and enjoy the stimulation that a change in environment brings.

Taipei, Taiwan

Pneuma Software headquarters

Pneuma Celebrates Thanksgiving 2019

November is the season to give thanks, and the Pneuma Team got into the spirit with a series of activities.

We had a gathering to experience a Thanksgiving meal together with visiting clients from the US, who shared their festival experiences and stories.

We also created a wall to post THANK YOU messages for one another and made treats with leftover Thanksgiving ingredients. They actually tasted pretty good!!

Pneuma Autumn Outing 2019 @ Dadaocheng, Taipei

After our exciting open-sea experience whale-watching around Guishan Island in April, the Pneuma Team chose to take a slower, more relaxing stroll on solid ground with our client from Minnesota on Nov. 1st. We visited Dadaocheng, one of the most famous places in Taipei.

*Taking a stroll through the alleys to look back at Dadaocheng’s history*

We walked down a street with traditional shops, posed with the statue of a famous Taiwanese songwriter, and learned about Traditional Taiwanese buildings.

After tasting the “creative” Taiwanese cuisine, we helped one another make traditional Taiwanese pastry, and tried screen printing with lots of laughter.

2018 Autumn Outing

Time to get up and get out of the office for some fresh air, greeneries, and most certainly, good food!

2017 Thanksgiving Lunch, Taipei, Taiwan

November 2017

We got together to feel thankful for what we had, and most importantly, for fun and food, with the help of conversation starter questions on the table. We may look like computer geeks in the photos, but once you get to know us, you will see that we actually also know how to have fun! Here’s a brief recap from those conversation starter questions. Happy Thanksgiving!

“What is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done that actually turned out pretty good?”

The #1 answer: “Getting married!”.

“If you could time travel, which era would you go back to?”

Best answer of the day: “Go back to the time before I was married.”

Pizza for Thanksgiving at Pneuma Software
Thanksgiving party at Pneuma Software

Not-So-Athletic Game 2017, Taipei, Taiwan

Inspired by the movie Madagascar, we had a Not-So-Athletic game in Taipei with two sports: darts and foosball. Yes, they’re intense calorie-burning sports (though most of the calories were burned from laughing)!

Dart board at Pneuma Software
Playing darts at Pneuma Software
Foosball at Pneuma Software
Foosball mania at Pneuma Software

Minneapolis, Minnesota

(Ufdah it’s cold!) Don’t forget to bring a coat, ski mask and mittens – just in case.

Client Visit, Minneapolis, Minnesota

October 2016

We had an amazing time visiting our client, Equus Compute Solutions, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, meeting their IT team of professional and culturally-diverse members. They were very warm and hospitable, and took us to lunch at a very charming and distinctive Italian restaurant. We shared a huge bowl of lettuce salad and oversized pasta dishes together. We very much enjoyed the delicious food and the very cool happy hour.